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Grillo climber ride-on mowers are built to mow in conditions other ride-on mowers can't handle.

* Mow safely up and down slopes of up to 30 degrees.

* Mow across 17 Degree slopes – even when difficult and slippery.

* Control over 1 metre tall grass on rough or steep ground.

They also work really well with long wet grass. No longer are you or your family forced to frequently mow your property just to keep the grass from getting too long for your machine to manage. Now you can let it grow before you need to head out again.  Find out why standard ride on mowers won't cut it on hilly or rough properties.

Grillo Steep terrain mower or rear catcher out front mower.

All sizes and horse power available. We have all these model in stock and can arrange a demonstration at your property to show you what they can do.

Grillo Ride On Mowers

Grillo Climber Models

Climber 7.18    Climber 7.13    Climber 9. 18    

Climber 9.22    Climber 10.22     Climber 10.27

Grillo Trimmer Mowers

Is your mower struggling to cut high grass?   Have you got areas your ride on mower can't reach easily or safely?  Are you straining your back and shoulders with a hand held brush cutter?  If your answer is 'Yes!' to any of the above questions, then a Grillo Trimmer Mower might be the answer.

Trimmer Mower's...

Cut down grass and weeds as high as your knees.

Are effective in both wet or dry conditions

Are stable, balanced, and light to manoeuver.

More productive and efficient than hand held brush


grillo trimmer

Trimmer Mower HWT 550

Honda GCV160 5.5HP

Off-Set Swing Body and TILT feature

41cm high wheels

550-600mm cutting swath

Grass Guard kit included.

Trimmer Mower HWT 600 WD         

Self Propelled Drive (3.0 kph)

41cm high wheels

550mm cutting swathe

Honda GCV160 5.5HP

Grass Guard kit included.

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The FD450 out-front floating deck allows the operator to mow into corners, under bushes and trees and offers excellent visibility. Because the deck follows the contours of the land, the mower produces a quality finish which results in a beautiful looking lawn.  If you need to lift the deck to get over kerbs it's simply a case of pushing a button to hydraulically raise it.

The FD450 collects 450 litres of grass – much larger capacity than most commercial machines and with it’s 46” out-front deck can reduce mowing time dramatically.

The FD 450 offers extraordinarily good grass and leaf collection performance. Its unique deck shape and blade design produces excellent airflow which eliminates grass blocking. The three bladed cutting system and direct rear collection, operates without the need for fans or an impeller. Hydraulic dumping takes away all the hard work of emptying the grass. Simply drive up to your bin or ute/truck and tip out the grass by pushing a switch.  The hydraulics takes care of the lifting and tipping functions.

There are literally hundreds of different brands of ride-on mowers on the market, maybe you already own one, but the chances are that your current machine is not right for your acreage. However there will be a Grillo Climber model that best suits your requirements. Grillo Climbers provide safe 4WD-like performance with the highest level of operator comfort - but they are not all the same so it is important to choose the appropriate Climber for your acreage.