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Grillo climber ride-on mowers are built to mow in conditions other ride-on mowers can't handle.

* Mow safely up and down slopes of up to 30 degrees.

* Mow across 17 Degree slopes – even when difficult and slippery.

* Control over 1 metre tall grass on rough or steep ground.

They also work really well with long wet grass. No longer are you or your family forced to frequently mow your property just to keep the grass from getting too long for your machine to manage. Now you can let it grow before you need to head out again.  Find out why standard ride on mowers won't cut it on hilly or rough properties.

Grillo Steep terrain mower or rear catcher out front mower.

All sizes and horse power available. We have all these model in stock and can arrange a demonstration at your property to show you what they can do.

Grillo Ride On Mowers

Climber 7.10

The entry level model in the Climber 7 Series range. It features a low slung design and excellent stability that makes it popular with people wishing for increased safety. It will also tackle longer grass and allow you to mow in conditions where other domestic tractor style rider mowers are unsuitable or even considered dangerous.

Climber 7.13

The Climber 713 features the same low slung design, but a wider cutting width than the Climber 710.  It has excellent stability that make it a popular with people wishing for increased safety. It will also tackle long grass and allow you to mow in all conditions thanks to features called differential lock and front brakes.

Climber 7.16

The Climber 716 features the low slung design, excellent stability, front brakes and differential lock of the Climber 7.13, plus it features the 16HP Vanguard TWIN Briggs and Stratton engine, giving you even more power to mow down thicker and longer grass, and power out of slippery conditions.

Climber 9.16

The Climber 9 Series range is designed for applications that are even more demanding. You may have larger areas and longer grass than a normal ride on mower can handle.  Your mowing might be demanding and a big ask, even for quality ride on mowers.  The Climber 916 with it's heavy duty body, safe, low, stable design and aggressive cutting system, and differential locking will handle very long grass, and mow easily on slopes up to 30 degrees. It's powered by the Briggs and Stratton 16Hp TWIN engine, and features front brakes which enhance control on slopes even further.

Climber 9.22

The Climber 9.22 will tackle anything - Grass, weeds, bush over a metre tall, scrub, blackberry, thick kikuyu, marshmallow grass, mustard grass, wild oats and more. It will also mow in places you can't even take a tractor. With it's 22HP engine, heavy duty low slung body, differential locking and front drum brakes, the Climber 9.22 is an unstoppable mower. Due to it's ability to go anywhere, mow anything, the Climber 9.22 is perfect for applications that include regularly tackling challenging conditions, for owners who only have irregular opportunities to mow. The Climber 9.22 will even perform in wet, slippery conditions.

Climber MD22

The MD22 combines the features

of the Climber 9.22 with a 130cm wide finishing quality cutting deck. The innovative cutting deck is highly functional as it provides both steep and undulating properties with a quality finish for a manicured lawn.  Its cutting width allows for increased productivity, and the design offers two functions - rear discharge for longer grass and mulching mode for a high quality finish. There are many applications that require the design of the MD22 to handle steep terrain but also the quality of a precision deck to produce a manicured finish on steep lawn. Picture shows optional turf wheels as MD22 comes standard with tractor type tyres.

Grillo Climber 7.13 Climber Mower
Grillo Climber 7.16 Climber Mower
Grillo Climber 9.16 climber Mower
Grillo Climber 9.22 climber Mower
Grillo Climber MD22 climber Mower

Grillo Ride On Mowers.

Are you frustrated that your existing mower is blocking up?  Do you want a grass collection ride-on mower that will leave a beautiful finish on your lawn? The Grillo Range of FD (Front Deck) Ride On Mowers are designed and tested to give you an exceptional performance.

* Beautiful finish on your lawn with excellent cutting systems that follow the contour of your lawn.

* Prevent blocking with specially designed cutting, collection and bin systems.

* Are are pleasure to drive and offer great manoeuvrability.

* Fuss free maintenance with easy access to engines and decks.

* Professional features like large collection,grass dump from the operators seat, automatic blade cut out when bin is full, out front decks for access and following the contour of your land, easy deck cleaning and maintenance, deck lift to get over curbs and onto trailers and much more.

commercial ZTR grillo mower
out front grillo mower with catcher
grillo mower out front

The out-front floating deck allows the operator to mow into corners, under bushes and trees and offers excellent visibility. Because the deck follows the contours of the land, adapting itself to uneven surfaces to avoid scalping, the mower produces a quality finish which results in a beautiful looking lawn.

FX20 has unique features that differentiate this machine from other commonly available mid mount ZTR's.  As a commercial style machine it's been designed particularly for the commercial operator.  Comfort, stability, ease of use and practical deck features set this machine apart from other run of the mill ZTR mowers.

The FX20 is a commercial ZTR machine perfect for large properties where there are wide, open spaces maybe with trees and obstacles. Fast, highly manoeuvrable, out-front deck, rear discharge and mulching mower.

Grillo FD 220
Grillo FD 220 cutting deck
grillo FD280


Featuring hydrostatic drive, highly efficient grass collection, and a large 200 litre collection bin, the narrow cut deck enables the machine to pass through 90cm gates.  Out front deck follows the contours of your lawn.  Dumps grass without needing to leave your seat. Very agile and easy to maneouvre.  Thanks to rear wheel steer it leaves just 30cm of uncut grass in a full turn.  Includes Side Throw Kit to give ultimate deck versatility.


With a large 46" collection deck, huge 280 litre collection and electric bin discharge the FD280 is highly productive, fast and leaves a beautiful finish on lawns.  Just like the FD220 it's rear wheel steer so it's agile, perfect for protperties with lot's of obstacles and makes mowing highly efficient.  Professional features such as it's electric grass discharge, blade cut off when bin full, deck lift and out front deck take this mower to the next level.

Grillo Trimmer Mowers

Is your mower struggling to cut high grass?   Have you got areas your ride on mower can't reach easily or safely?  Are you straining your back and shoulders with a hand held brush cutter?  If your answer is 'Yes!' to any of the above questions, then a Grillo Trimmer Mower might be the answer.

Trimmer Mower's...

Cut down grass and weeds as high as your knees.

Are effective in both wet or dry conditions

Are stable, balanced, and light to manoeuver.

More productive and efficient than hand held brush


grillo trimmer

Trimmer Mower 550

Honda GCV160 5.5HP

Off-Set Swing Body and TILT feature

41cm high wheels

550-600mm cutting swath

Grass Guard kit included.

Trimmer Mower 600         

Self Propelled Drive (3.0 kph)

41cm high wheels

550mmctting swathe

Honda GCV160 5.5HP

Grass Guard kit included.

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