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Valtra tractors are recognised for their reliability, versatility, durability and Nordic roots. Each tractor is specifically designed to individual customer needs and manufactured to withstand the harshest climates and deliver the highest levels of performance in the toughest working conditions.

Valtra is a leading manufacturer and service provider in the Nordic countries and it enjoys a growing reputation in South America. Valtra machines are sold in over 75 countries. Contact or visit Agpower for the full valtra tractor range.

Valtra Tractor Range.

Valtra A Series Tractor @ 50 - 103 HP

A versatile basic tractor
A Series tractors are strong, lightweight and agile tractors. Their compact size and good manoeuvrability makes them ideal for crop and cattle farms, fruit farms and orchards as well as in forest and municipal applications. The work efficiency, user-friendliness and easy servicability make A Series tractors true all-rounders.
Reliable 33CTA AGCO Power engine User friendly transmission automatics HiTech power shuttle with integrated handbrake Excellent ground clearance and flat bottom. The comfortable cab offers easy and safe access. Excellent visibility in all directions. Ergonomically placed and adjustable controls inside the cab Safe implement attachment with linkage controls integrated in the mudguards Choice of eight colours

Valtra N Series Tractor @ 99 - 171HP

The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at its best, encouraging year-round use even in the most demanding conditions. The N Series with its compact design and power range up to 163 horsepower offers the ideal solution for most tasks on livestock and crop farms – as well as for municipal and forest applications in keeping with Valtra’s philosophy.
N Series tractors are available in four different model types: Versu, Direct, HiTech 5 and HiTech
Efficient continuously variable transmission made in Finland Excellent fuel economy: the tractor automatically adjusts the engine speed to the load and runs at the lowest possible revs. Full control and high pulling power even at speeds as low as 10 m/h. Ergonomic Valtra Arm -armrest with easy access to CVT lever, cruise control, hydraulics, linkage controls and U-Pilot headland management system Load sensing hydraulics with 115 l/min or 160 l/min output Separate transmission and hydraulic oils Automatic steering and telemetry systems available as options.

Valtra T Series Tractor @ 170 - 225 HP

The T Series offers the right alternative for customers looking for a lot of power for both traditional farming tasks, as well as municipal and forest applications.
T Series benefits in a nutshell Outstanding pulling power and driving comfort Reliable AGCO Power engine in all models Spacious and ergonomic cab offers excellent visibility in all directions Valtra Arm - ergonomically located controls in Versu and Direct models Excellent pulling tractor thanks to even weight distribution. Unique fuel tank integrated in the frame in HiTech models - ideal for work in harsh conditions. Very quiet working environment with noise levels below 70dBa TwinTrac reverse drive controls as option in all models AgCommand™ telemetry and automatic steering systems as option.

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